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Happy birthday mom


This weekend we celebrated Mom’s 84th birthday.


The dinner was simple and fairly easy to put together. We made a green salad, Yusuf and Sumaya cut potatoes and prepared homemade wedges. Ben brought smoked chicken and Fattima made rolls. I made one of mom’s favorites, Peanut butter pie!

My sister is visiting from Saudi Arabia and was eager to see her nieces and nephews. She drove with mom and dad from the lake and suggested a simple home cooked meal for the birthday girl.  Mom requested my peanut butter pie instead of birthday cake. I made two of them and sent some home with her. The birthday girl wanted no gifts but rejoiced in being with her two daughters, grandkids and of course grampa! Mom and Dad both  remind us regularly that they are in need of nothing but love to spend time with family.

We watched the newlyweds open gifts from Auntie!

It was a relaxing day and so good to see my sis! She looked over my poetry book and was very supportive! We will be catching up more later and I will write a post about our time together, but for now Happy birthday Mom! IMG_0953

Love Lynniepooh

Wedding ceremony

The time finally arrived when I would complete my duties as mother of the bride and escort my daughter down the aisle. Fattima is a huge Carrie Underwood fan and has been to 3 or 4 of her concerts. She chose to have Mama’s song by Carrie Underwood playing as we made our walk. 42402412_10157049029180101_1331384753034625024_n

The words hold great meaning for us and as we listened  over the years we never imagined that this day would really come! We talked and walked carefully through the grass until we reached a seating area just down the hill. I hugged Ben and took my place on a bench in front.


A priest performed the ceremony and gave wonderful insights into love and the merging of two people of different faiths. 42391160_10157048983060101_5372222094010482688_n (1)

Guests were asked to surround the couple during a prayer, offering them support in this journey. It was lovely and very heartfelt. 42362266_10157048977140101_6077035547363115008_n1-e1538178967997

Meanwhile our two little boys (the ring bearers) walked in and out of vines and down the hill just behind Fattima and Ben. They slowly took their suspenders off and played quietly, adding a beautiful and sweet element to this union. Bennett was tired of playing and decided to come forward. He stood near his aunties who were serving as bridesmaids and whispered, “Dee Dee, Dee Dee” and then called for auntie “Maya” as well. Aiden took his place behind his daddy (a groomsman) also quietly talking to him. It was priceless watching them, allowed to roam near the wedding party and take their place in this new family. Before the wedding Ben remarked that the next day he would truly become an uncle. I am sure Bennett, Aiden and Alayna smirked, knowing it had been true all along.

As soon as the couple walked out they took more pictures and then returned where guests were waiting for brunch. 42453954_10157048977980101_2657705146921779200_n (1)Food was served followed by toasting, dancing and a cool breeze.

The first dance was reserved for the bride and groom and they danced to So close

The five brothers took turns dancing to Whenever you remember 

The boys were unsure about dancing but in the end they switched off and made it special. Little did we know that Heme would come through and make a dramatic ending to this brother-sister dance.  He eagerly cut in and took over after Mude.  Everyone laughed and clapped and enjoyed his performance! Fattima dipped her youngest sibling and the dance came to a close!

Ben and his mother danced and then his father stepped in. His Grandparents                      won the dance for the longest years married and then the dance floor was                            opened up for everyone.

The couple cut their cake and visited with guests. IMG_20180923_130956 (1)

While the wedding was elegant in every way it was also practical and relaxed. There were over 60 children present and all were welcome to color and play games that had been placed at kids tables and of course the highlight was a visit to Fattima and Ben’s candy shoppe!IMG_0391

Ben’s grandfather offered to take the newlyweds from the wedding to the hotel. But first my boys wanted to take a look at the car he had renovated. It was he and his beautiful wife’s first new vehicle and had been left behind years before. With care, skill and love it was restored to its glory days. Heme and his brothers took a look at this magnificent vehicle.

Everyone gathered to see this cool ride and waved as they drove off!

IMG_E0786 (1)


Bachelorette party!

IMG_9859This weekend was time for me to catch up on various jobs around the house before the school year begins. Meanwhile the girls made their way to Spokane for the infamous Bachelorette party. Sumaya and Deeja put this little event together and for the most part each location was a surprise.

Yusuf and Alicia drove over from Seattle and Saleeha flew in early Saturday morning. A special friend of Fattima’s piled in the car and the girls drove over to the destination. Ben’s sister was part of the festivities and will be one of the bridesmaids as well. Jacki was ready with gifts and clues for a scavenger hunt along the way and the fun began at 9 a.m.IMG_9863

This part of the scavenger hunt was an easy guess as everyone knows Fattima loves to do her nails!40097019_10157075866116162_4983225123600334848_n (1)


Next stop coffee shop where members of the bridal team showed off their manicures and another gift-clue was presented. 40048678_10157075868516162_8252591312063168512_n (1)
Fattima was asked where the next location would be. She was a bit confused but guessed Tea party and so they were off for high tea.


40038812_10157075871781162_1899236638530207744_nA quaint old home and a reminder of days gone by became the most treasured part of the day and will definitely be part of future celebrations!IMG_20180825_115348 (1)

IMG_20180825_115406 (1)

A lavish spread of scones, crumpets, cookies, sandwiches and tasty pastries complete with every imaginable flavor of tea made this little place unforgettable.

40058994_10157075885656162_2799988058999488512_n (1)


IMG_9859After the young ladies finished tea it was time to head for the escape room where they faced a scary and ominous challenge.40112740_2111641822487101_7904572856552390656_nThe day ended with a quick trip to the local water slides where only part of the group braved the cooler weather. The others made their way back to Osama and Jacki’s house where the kids eagerly awaited!
40054264_10157075886131162_7241945323600347136_n (1)Thanks to Sumaya and Deeja it turned out to be a very unique and memorable day. Each and every member of this bride team added a special flare. Now we move on to the nuptials and as the days tick past excitement builds.



Family time

We had a relaxing weekend with crisp Fall air, a few leaves on the ground and an empty house. The girls accepted Alicia’s invitation to attend a play in Seattle. Foof and B took them there and back while I spent time at home with the two boys. It was great fun!

Saturday at our house

I spent the morning finishing up outdoor work in anticipation of winter. Saleeha popped over in the afternoon, took me to get groceries, a coffee and later took us all out for dinner. The boys sat across from us, laughing and exchanging insults but actually appeared to have a great time together.


Meanwhile the kids in Seattle ate donuts, went to a pumpkin patch and finally arrived at the play that evening! You can see from the photos below that some people made it through the corn maze before others!

Sunday morning arrived, Yusuf and Alicia took everyone to brunch and then the kids started on the trip back.

Sunday at our house we cooked and I had a new helper in the kitchen, my youngest.

We made big turkey meatballs, Marinara sauce and put that all together into delicious meatball subs.


We also made rice and Apricot chicken

_DSC0278 (2)

The kids got home, we ate and then listened to the fun they had with big brother and sister-in-law.

I had to finish my post with this picture of Clementine! It appears she is all ready for Halloween!

thumbnail_IMG_20170927_064122 (1).jpg


Weekly review

This was my week in case you missed anything! Have a lovely Sunday





thumbnail_IMG_3407 (1)




Precious day


I puttered around the house, sweeping and mopping, tidying little bits and pieces that were out-of-order. A quick shower, some hair gel and blow dry, a little foundation applied to cover red cheeks, age spots and a recent scar. I pulled on the black jeans that had been purchased on a trip to see Abdullah. A bright blue shirt that Soos picked out and had encouraged me to wear on numerous occasions was gently pulled on over my hair. I stood inspecting myself in the mirror, refusing any negative thoughts about weight and just felt proud to be me.

Mom’s new little red car pulled next to the curb, they headed up the walkway all smiles and were greeted with hugs and kisses. The keys were handed to Soos and she was asked to drive us to our destination and try the cute new car. We made our way up the road through the Palouse to another University town only 10 miles away.

The restaurant was picked based on location and a recommendation from the two older girls who have been there many times.  My sister wanted to sit outside and view the scenery and this turned out to be the best place. Seating on the veranda gave a close up view of the golf course, green and yellow fields rolled in the distance. We laughed and talked and had fantastic food, then said our goodbyes to the girls who had to get back to work.

We paid a visit to the creamery right on campus ( where Anne and I went to University) which of course meant buying their famous cheese and ice cream. The next stop was made for shopping so Anne could finish her list of things to take back to Saudi and then to find a box for packing.

Soos drove us home where we opened the slider to a gentle breeze and shared the rest of the afternoon discussing life in a small town, changes that have occurred in Saudi over the past few years and photos of grown children and grandkids.

It was a precious day spent with mom who turns 83 in a week, my sister and three of my daughters. I heard mom remark that this was the best day ever!

We said our goodbyes, hugs and kisses and they drove away in the sporty new car.


Weed Whacking woes


I wanted to be a jazz singer. I went to University to please my parents but ultimately I was just biding my time so that I could find a few musicians, form some sort of ensemble and hit the road! I had little interest in having a family, could not see myself as a mother, go figure 9 kids later!

When I had my first child Osama, I found out what unconditional and true love really meant. I could not imagine doing anything besides being a mom. I then could not imagine ever loving any person like I loved him, until Yusuf came along and I fell in love all over again.

I adore this big family and these amazing children, each one unique and special. Thank God I never went on the road and instead became a mom! I guess you could say I found my calling or it found me. I love all of the antics that play out in our family and so I had to share one today.

My little Soos who is pictured in the photo below, is quite the student, artsy, stylish and tenacious woman. She never lets her five brothers forget that she is a formidable force! This summer endless arguements ensued regarding household chores and time expended on helping out. Soos eagerly explained that she could do any outdoor job as well as they could, but could they cook the same as she did each day?

The boys had a good chuckle and insisted that she would not be able to do this hard work, of course this fueled her motivation further until weed whacking time.  Soos ran outside and grabbed the weed whacker trying to start it but it was clearly too heavy. The boys stood snickering at this tiny girl trying to show off her muscles, feeling quite vindicated in the process.

Grampa heard of  the incident and secretly bought her a gift, a battery operated weed whacker! She proudly started in with her trimming unaware of her attire! We all looked on in amazement as she trimmed and sculpted while wearing her baby doll dress (my nickname for it)  and sandals. This picture remains one of my favorites! Go Soos!




Today I will have special guests, my parents are bringing my sister for a day visit. She lives in Saudi Arabia and is here for this month, which is so special. I will write a post about it later.

Have a great Friday




Recently my daughter moved into an apartment. I thought I would share this picture of three sisters carrying her new couch!


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