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Big Leaf Challenge



Our large family takes competition seriously. Whether its weed whacking, cooking or playing cards, some sort of challenge will most likely ensue. Sometimes it is helpful and other times it is just plain silly! This time it turned out to be about raking leaves which ended up nicely.

The large tree in our front yard seems to lose its leaves slowly and several separate raking days are needed. This time a wind storm meant the majority of leaves made an expansive blanket covering plants and grass overnight.

Mude offered to rake them and did part of the work, no large bags were found and so he said he would complete the task later. The supplies were purchased and he was back to school with no time available. The week wore on and those leaves piled higher making their own little bunches and mounds across the yard.

I could no longer stand looking at the leaves and so I went out and worked for 30 minutes but decided to stop so my back would not act up later. The bending motion has proven to be a bad choice in previous endeavors like this one. Finally I came up with a plan, the kids would each do one bag every day and I would as well. This idea was met with skepticism until Soos said she would do her part right then and there. She raked and I held the bags open as she carried leaves and then neatly tied each into a tidy bundle. Just about that time Heme came out and heard me say how Soos had surely saved the day and had already made great progress. He got that look on his face that means he cannot be outdone and  the rest is in pictures for you to judge!








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