The empty room


Guest room

Monday I scrubbed the house from top to bottom. I washed the sheets and cleaned out the second fridge downstairs. Graduation pictures went back to their place on the table, toys were stored and the house basically looked empty, even lonely! The past few months have been busy and chaotic, just the way I like it. Kids coming to visit, babies leaving fingerprints on the slider and then two special house guests for a month.


Foof gave up her apartment and moved in with us for several weeks because she and B purchased a new home and while she will only be living 20 minutes away it still makes me feel a bit teary!


Friday morning Foof and B moved their stuff from the guest room, it was cleaned and made into a room for Osama, Jacki and the little ones. Of course big brother insisted on coming with his truck that afternoon to haul stuff to the new house.


The next day we brought the rest of their belongings and did our best to help put things away.  The boys were having fun, Foof made a box fort for them, but after a few hours it was nap time.

The kids and I loaded them up and went home for a nap while Osama and Jacki stayed behind.


Drive thru to get a quick bite and Aiden asking for more with his hands!


Heme or “hehe” as he is known to the boys, has become quite the movie star over the past few months. The boys stand at his door calling him, trying to launch themselves over the baby gate, offering their stuffed animals and even snacks just to get him to come and play!

I am happy, sad, overwhelmed but most of all I thank God for bringing us this far and keeping us together! After living with no furniture, electricity and no ability to decorate or show individuality, I am thrilled each time I see one of my kids take charge of their lives and open their hearts!


Little ones

Little birds inside the nest

Newly feathered prudent breast

Don’t clip your wings for you must fly

Unto a distant faithful sky

Mother watches, never far

Hoping you will find your star

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