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Countdown to love

Fattima has spent the past six months working on wedding favors, centerpieces and planning. Ben of course has pitched in and supports Foof in every way. Ben is a huge sports fan and their first weekend trip together last year as a couple was spent in Seattle with big brother and a Mariner’s game.thumbnail_IMG_0727.jpgWhen we had our little photo shoot after their engagement was announced, we took numerous pictures for their baseball card favor. They decided on one photo, compiled their stats and the rest is history!_DSC0492




The combination of this couple is supportive, fun and unique. May God bless them and bring them happiness.

Love you,


Yesterday we went shopping for slacks and shirts for my sons, who will serve as ushers at the wedding.  I found a pair of shoes to go with my dress.  This is a preview of me in the dress and shoes.



A thousand cupcakes


Months back when we were just starting this blissful journey, Foof and I decided we would make pastries for the wedding. A gorgeous cake has been ordered from Mom and Dad’s favorite place but we wanted to add some flare and do something a bit different. We were supposed to get together numerous times to work on this project but it just never happened. So, today is the day! How many cupcakes will we make and what flavors?

Mother of the bride

Yesterday Foof and I took a small road trip to my hometown. We started off at one of two large malls and then met Mom and Dad for lunch. We spent the day looking for a suitable dress and trust me it was grueling! I do not like shopping for clothing and am not an easy shopper. Foof brought numerous choices into the dressing room and each one was barely placed over my head until I told her no way. I have spent my whole life so far, not being pleased with how I look. Always trying to cover up and each time feeling that my efforts to look nice are both embarrassing and futile. My children are my biggest cheerleaders and push me forward encouraging me to be kind and treat myself as I treat others!! I will try the dress on later and take a photo to share.


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