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Second time around is bliss

Many of you already know that I am a mom to nine fantastic children. But maybe you don’t know that I have five sons and four daughters. Recently Foof got married and a month before the ceremony my eldest daughter Saleeha, got engaged! As I have written in many of my true life stories, it was hard to ever imagine this joy and the idea that my girls would be able to pick their own careers, daily habits and most importantly their love interest. But here we are, two of my girls have found amazing partners and now for the second time I am overjoyed to witness them blossom, find love and build a future.img_0917

Saleeha met her intended through a friend and they share many similarities including their love for literature and writing. It has been a long road for my girl, building that trust and learning to relax and accept love and a warm and endearing heart but she is there and I couldn’t be happier.

Edison is a soft spoken Phd in Chemistry, a poet and he loves to cook! The ring he picked has a vintage look and is just what Saleeha wanted.

They have not picked a wedding date and both of them are not really into having a big bash so they will find what suits them. I am all about being yourself and doing what works for you, so whatever they chose will make me happy for them.

Edison proposed at their special place, deception pass. I posted pictures last year after they shared a romantic day there.

Recently wedding dress shopping commenced and she found the perfect fit for her! It is gorgeous. I will only show a bit of the dress so that Edison isn’t disappointed!

There is hope after the storm, there is peace and you can make it, whatever your struggle might be it can be part of your life and can make you stronger, not break you. Never would I have imagined that we would be here, back home, together and thriving. Don’t ever give up and stay true to being the best you!



The wedding!

It has almost been a month since Fattima and Ben said I do! Here are some pictures taken by the professional photographers!

The couple posed before the wedding for some special shots including the “first look”


Some individual photos44144642_2119183595011197_3286265162490707968_n


Special moments with family

Me and my kids and grandkids44131495_2119183611677862_7246234922187227136_n                                                           The ceremony

And finally the send off!


The happy couple a month later44471516_2121337458129144_693995225302958080_n

More photos to follow!


Newlyweds return

Fattima and Ben paid us a visit yesterday and it is clear they are still on Island time! They were in a Reggae music, convertible top down, luau lovin haze!

IMG_E0914 (1)

Before “I do” day before the wedding!

IMG_0415 (1)

I heard the little boys talking upstairs in their room, a few words here and there and some laughing. I had been awake since 4 a.m. so it was easy to just pop up there and cart them downstairs. I love seeing their smiling faces first thing in the morning. Of course the first question was “Heme wake”?
We sat together waiting for the other kids to wake up and eventually Fattima and Ben made their appearance  with handfuls of beautiful bouquets from the local Farmer’s market.


Flowers were placed in containers with water and left for the next day. These flowers would be used as part of the centerpieces along with a picture of the bride and groom in their youth.

Meanwhile we worked on our various jobs. Jacki hemmed pants, steamed shirts and made sure all of the men looked just right! Osama served as one of the groomsman and the four younger brothers were ushers.

Yusuf and Alicia arrived that afternoon from Seattle and we all got together for a little family dinner that evening.

Fattima went back and forth trying to decide if staying at Osama and Jacki’s house was best or if getting a hotel room would work better. In the end she chose a hotel a few miles away where the four of us girls spent time steaming dresses, eating snacks and reminiscing.
The next morning it was up at 4 a.m. and off to hair and makeup!

Fattima wore her hair down with a bit of curl and fluff. The bridesmaids were asked to wear their hair up and a little flower was given to each one to complement the bride’s hairstyle.

We picked the girls up from the hotel where we found Jacki working on Deeja’s hair!IMG_20180923_071617.jpg

This was totally a family effort and each member played their part making the wedding a huge success.


Before “I do” Rehearsal dinner

I am still sorting through photos and getting back to routine so I decided to do a couple of posts sharing pictures of the two days leading up to the wedding. Thanks for your patience.

Last Friday we woke up early, packed the car and made our way to my hometown where we settled in at Osama and Jacki’s. An hour later we were at the wedding venue where we would take part in practicing our duties for the big day.  Meanwhile our precious boys jumped and hopped, walked past the water and took pictures on the stairs.IMG_0058
It was a simple run through of the wedding timelineIMG_0074Afterwards we drove to Ben’s parents home where the Bridal party gathered for the traditional rehearsal dinner.

The house was built by Ben’s father and overlooks pine trees and an expansive, meticulously manicured lawn. Ben’s grandparents, his brother and sister as well as their future spouses were all present. Childhood friends who were now prepared to stand by Ben and witness his nuptials also arrived and later that evening dinner was served.

The menu consisted of Cornish hens smoked to perfection, Spinach pomegranate salad, beans and several selections of bread with savory butters. The meal was elegant, the company engaging and the atmosphere festive. Mother of the groom and sister of the groom worked tirelessly to bring together this beautiful event and it was amazing in every way.

Ben’s family welcomed us and started the wedding weekend off in grand form.

Games were available to anyone who was interested, some played basketball and others sat on the deck in the cool Fall air.

As the sun set we ate dessert and contemplated what we would do the next day in order to prepare for the wedding. Fattima posed with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law and Alayna.


The first look




Countdown love


The dress has been altered and picked up, flowers and cake are ordered and the happy couple await the big day. Family and friends are planning to come and gifts have been arriving for weeks. Everything spins as the day fast approaches and well wishes are showered, mixed with smiles and a variety of emotions.IMG_9720

Only one small detail remains, The person who will be holding this precious girl on their arm, walking her down the aisle and asking that Ben hold her tight, has no dress yet!


Bachelorette party!

IMG_9859This weekend was time for me to catch up on various jobs around the house before the school year begins. Meanwhile the girls made their way to Spokane for the infamous Bachelorette party. Sumaya and Deeja put this little event together and for the most part each location was a surprise.

Yusuf and Alicia drove over from Seattle and Saleeha flew in early Saturday morning. A special friend of Fattima’s piled in the car and the girls drove over to the destination. Ben’s sister was part of the festivities and will be one of the bridesmaids as well. Jacki was ready with gifts and clues for a scavenger hunt along the way and the fun began at 9 a.m.IMG_9863

This part of the scavenger hunt was an easy guess as everyone knows Fattima loves to do her nails!40097019_10157075866116162_4983225123600334848_n (1)


Next stop coffee shop where members of the bridal team showed off their manicures and another gift-clue was presented. 40048678_10157075868516162_8252591312063168512_n (1)
Fattima was asked where the next location would be. She was a bit confused but guessed Tea party and so they were off for high tea.


40038812_10157075871781162_1899236638530207744_nA quaint old home and a reminder of days gone by became the most treasured part of the day and will definitely be part of future celebrations!IMG_20180825_115348 (1)

IMG_20180825_115406 (1)

A lavish spread of scones, crumpets, cookies, sandwiches and tasty pastries complete with every imaginable flavor of tea made this little place unforgettable.

40058994_10157075885656162_2799988058999488512_n (1)


IMG_9859After the young ladies finished tea it was time to head for the escape room where they faced a scary and ominous challenge.40112740_2111641822487101_7904572856552390656_nThe day ended with a quick trip to the local water slides where only part of the group braved the cooler weather. The others made their way back to Osama and Jacki’s house where the kids eagerly awaited!
40054264_10157075886131162_7241945323600347136_n (1)Thanks to Sumaya and Deeja it turned out to be a very unique and memorable day. Each and every member of this bride team added a special flare. Now we move on to the nuptials and as the days tick past excitement builds.



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