Family time

This past weekend we went to visit our precious little family. The first night was spent relaxing, playing with the little ones and catching up. The next morning I was on duty to get the waking babies and take care of them so mom and dad could get a little extra sleep. It was pure Grama time, noone else was awake, so we sat in the recliner and snuggled for over an hour, it was total bliss! Osama and Jacki are amazing parents and don’t hesitate to give us each individual time with these wonderful boys who are all of the sudden toddlers.

After everyone woke, we got ready, picked Great Grama up and made our way to Green bluff. It was a gorgeous crisp Autumn day, no smoke overhead and only blue, sunny skies.


I had been told that it was early for apples but I still wanted to continue with our tradition before the next little one arrives!

The boys had fun, running through the grass, sampling various treats and riding on a wagon that was pulled by a tractor.

In one of the shops the boys discovered a large fluffy dog taking a nap. They cautiously approached and were fascinated by this kindly creature.

A quick look through two shops provided more fun, sampling fruit and buying pastries.

It was a lovely day and a fun weekend, so many blessings to be counted!



Happy almost weekend!

This weekend we will go to Green bluff, a picturesque farming area near my hometown. A few years ago my oldest son introduced us to this special experience. We sat at the starting point, a quaint little restaurant with pastries, pumpkin muffins and a variety of wonderful treats.

After looking through the ceramics, specialty kitchen items and fresh fruit we started our trek to various farms. For me it was a magical time, invigorating and lovely. Each year since then we have gone, sometimes during peach season or cherries, but always in the Fall for apples. Having the whole crew with us isn’t always possible but we are happy for those that can join us. Last year we took the boys, they were only a few months old. It will be exciting to introduce them to this family tradition.

For some reason this time of year and this special place are magical for me.

These pictures are from 2013 through 2016


Apple picking in the rain

The picture above is a typical look given by this little cutie. It is amazing to me how different these little guys are.

Our day of apple picking was rainy and basically was more of a get together for all of us. We ended up at Great grandparent’s (Mom and Dad’s) home! A wonderful family time.


Osama’s surprised face when I told him Bennett had spit up! Auntie Soos holding one of the boys.