The lake

On Saturday we went to the lake to help out and to visit mom and dad. They built this house 23 years ago right before we moved to Saudi Arabia. When we returned for visits we spent many blissful days fishing, kayaking, swimming and just hanging out.

When we visit we try to get several jobs done and then we spend time having fun. I thought I would take you along on a trip to the lake, hope you enjoy!

On the way to the lake


One of my favorite barns on the Palouse! They cut the trees down around it and now you can see the inside and out.


Driving on the lake road, fields of green, yellow and rolling wheat! Always amazing._DSC0297

Foof and Grama pruned some large bushes and laughter could be heard all the way down to the dock! Abdullah installed a new screen door, sandwiches and cake were served and then we said goodbye until next week!


0611161151bA look back at the road to the lake!