The beginning part two

He was somehow different, respectful and calm, but I remembered the vow I had taken and shook my head when my sister gave me an inquiring and hopeful look.


I gently slid underneath his arm and rolled to the edge of the bed and onto the floor. An aimless stumble in the dark,  retrieving remnants of the night before, first my shirt and then my jeans. I wavered back and forth as the effects of alcohol still held tightly to my brain and had an impact on my balance, eventually falling into a heap on the apartment floor. He stirred and yawned as I composed myself and stood, pulling clothing into place, silently tip toeing out of the bedroom and into the living room of the college apartment, unit number 5. This clumsy dance was an attempt to escape the embarrassment of the night before that had abruptly ended in the answer no, followed by two figures intertwined in an infatuated jumble. I steadied myself and started to walk to the door when arms wrapped around my waist, kisses made their way from my neck to my lips. I smiled and edged closer to the wall as he encompassed me with his dark brown eyes, soft and warm, full of something hidden deep within. My vow to follow dreams and work on what had once inspired me, had fallen short when my sister and her friend set up a date for drinks, nothing more, nothing less. They were insistent and reminded me, he was a clean cut man, kind and trustworthy, it would be foolish to pass an opportunity that could lead to something good and true.