To be a Grama…

Pots were clanking, pans were bubbling, veggies peeled and cut, cookie dough bagged, t.v. dinners all wrapped and sealed. The first day we made spaghetti, two kinds of manicotti and three kinds of cookie dough. We also made Hearty chicken in red sauce. The next day we made Red lentil soup, Chicken pot pie, Roz bizilla and Teriyaki noodles.

We took a little time out to look at baby comforter sets and found great clearance outfits! But the best thing was being together as a family. It is what our family does, it is our thing, we get together and help out, laugh and joke, make up games to play and feel like our old unit once again! Our whole family was present except Yusuf and his wife Alicia and my daughter Saleeha.


Two little baby coats Foof bought, you can see Kenny peeking out and he was not happy about any of this or any talk about babies.

I have made t.v. dinners at different times throughout the years, but this time I read up on food safety guidelines, sealing the containers and the best way to store dinners for quality and safety. It was a fun weekend and I am even more excited to be a Grama! Most likely I will be popping over to make more meals in a couple of months!

Meals made

Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce- 4 containers

3 cheese manicotti, beef manicotti- 6 containers

Hearty chicken and red sauce (with garbanzo beans)-3 containers

Teriyaki chicken and noodles(not posted yet)-3

Mini chicken pot pies-8

Roz bizilla(rice) -4

Adas (lentil) soup-4

Chocolate chip cookie dough- triple batch

Chocolate cookie dough with p.b. chips- 3 batches

Delicous chocolate cookie dough with caramel chocolate chips- 3 batches

Toffee bars- 2 large batches

Kenny on an outing!