Glam party 2017



Over the years I have hosted and prepared for numerous events including dinners, luncheons, dessert nights, brunches and just the daily drop in visits that occur regularly while residing in a Middle Eastern country. Hospitality is part of the lifestyle and is a reflection on the household if not done properly. 

This past weekend I hosted a party that would put all past celebrations to shame. Staff members busied themselves the entire week with preparations, making sure that everything was just right.

Finally the moment came when the guests arrived!

They were welcomed and escorted downstairs where they were invited to don customary holiday apparel. Some were more eager than others.

Partygoers were entertained with a number of trendy activities including fine art

Culinary projects

And finally their favorite sport, riding.


Some guests were content with the simpler things. 

While others delighted in adventure

Eventually it was time for a break

The party resumed with some alterations to the tree

It was the best party ever and left me with a grateful heart!