The proposal

This was a landmark weekend! Fattima and B scheduled a housewarming for family and it was her birthday. Yusuf flew in from Seattle Thursday night, Osama, Jacki and the babies came on Friday and Mom and Dad drove over Saturday and then spent the night! Phew!

Sheets were washed, rooms shifted around and the weekend started early. I spent Friday catching up with my son, cooking Chicken and feta, rice pilaf and a spinach salad. I made a cookie mocha torte for the housewarming and prepared for the family to arrive.


Fattima’s lemon cupcakes with blackberry frosting

Other events occurred on Friday which will be revealed later but you might be able to figure it out  based on the title of this post.  The housewarming became a celebration of Fattima’s birthday, a new house and a new life.

Of course it was a loud and crazy event with lots of people and three little ones. There were the usual games, good food and new family.




From mountain tops

I  shout from mountain tops

Green hills of newfound freedom

For all who stand in fear

A voice will now be heard

I call from meadow glen

From shades of humble living

A bond of great delusion

Now pieces on the floor

Hold onto faith and hope

A new day will unfold

Love Lynn