Mother’s day

I know mother’s day has come and gone but everyday is the best time to celebrate those special people we share our life with. Last Sunday was one of those days and ended up being full of many surprises. First Fattima and Ben came over and brought a lovely vase and bouquet of flowers from the two of them and Yusuf and Alicia.  They also got me my favorite coffee and off we went.

We had been waiting for a sunny, blue sky day so that we could take some engagement photos and this just seemed perfect! There are many picturesque locations here in the Palouse area but with a gorgeous arboretum nearby we started off there.

I won’t show any photos that will be used for their wedding but just some fun shots of them goofing around!

It might sound kind of strange since Foof and I are so close and I love Ben, but after this little excursion I felt like I knew them as a couple much better! They are an example of compromise and doing what they can to work things out, faith and true love. They are also allot of fun!


Glances, words and silent messages were shared as I told them just do your thing and I will keep snapping pictures!

It was wonderful to spend time with the two of them as a couple, just the three of us.



After our little photo shoot we ended up back at home where the kids pitched in and did some yard work. Fattima mowed the front yard and Ben worked on an area that was full of weeds, leaving a nice clean look with bark. Heme sprayed our field below the house as directed by the city. It was so nice to have this help!


Deeja got the pictures loaded and fixed them so they were the right way for viewing and about that time Abdullah called me to wish me a happy Mother’s day. He knows how much I love my coffee and so he informed me that a  gift card was waiting for me on my email!

All of the kids called me or visited and made sure the day was celebrated in a big way! Osama will be visiting soon and will put up a permanent canopy over our porch which will make the area cooler and keep us out of the sun. After resting we headed over to Fattima and Ben’s for dinner that was supplied by Fattima, Ben, Yusuf and Alicia!

It was a crazy day full of family, gifts and helping out! I mention these gifts for one simple reason, this it the first time I have felt happy to receive presents and have felt honored to have been fussed over! It was great to be spoiled and I was happy to just take it all in!

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