Family time

My weekend was relaxing and at the same time full of visitors and fun! Fridays are my favorite because they signal the weekend and possible visits from the older kids.

Saleeha and a friend came over Saturday morning, they brought me a coffee and we sat chatting for a few hours. I had help putting tables and chairs off to the side of the deck, the umbrella was taken down and Grampa Adolph’s bench was put under cover. A couple of walks around the neighborhood and then it was time to start dinner.


Fattima came over and brought company along, the kids played cards and the usual chatter, arguing and laughing rang out, reminding me that they really are still kids! We made Kufta, greek bread and yogurt sauce which turned out nicely. The kids ended the day with a monopoly game and Fattima went home.

Sunday we made Maclube and yogurt salad.


Fattima arrived with more company and a delicious huckleberry cheesecake. She will write out the recipe and it will be shared on the blog later this week.


The ever-changing Palouse still rolls, giving me a new and enchanting view each day and more reasons to count my blessings.