The Run

Fattima, Grama, Mude and Grampa

It has been a few weeks since the track season started and still we have not been to a meet. My son was sick when the first meet came around and then the next meet was cancelled due to weather. Today we will head towards a little town 2 hours away to attend our first meet!  I am not good at competition and always tell him, do your best, be proud of yourself and all of that motherly stuff, he of course wants his best time. I was a music person, jazz to be exact, so I know nothing of the sports world. I know a PR is your personal best time and I know how long a 3200, 1600 and 800 run are! I know most of all I am proud of his dedication and training, no matter what his time is. He has been working during the year, rain, snow and heat, running everyday! I admire his dedication to be his best, that is what counts for me! He asked me to video tape him so he could see his form, he was quite shocked when he watched it. All he could hear was me, screaming and yelling and Woo hooing as he passed by!! I told him I could  tone it down and as he stood there looking at me he said “No Ma it’s ok” So, today I am excited to once again, make my way over to see my baby run! GOOOO MUDE!!!