Countdown love


When I was twelve years old I wrote poetry and submitted some of my work to various publications having one accepted. It was a National Christian publication that I found at church.  Unfortunately I cannot remember it but it went something like this:

Love is something only God can explain

It is the gentle wind that touches me

The sound of birds in Spring 

Eternal and forgiving


Papers crumple making tiny puff balls of orange, gold and white, ribbons are tied and placed on paper boxes. The last minute touches of a party meant to celebrate an everlasting love unfolds as only days remain.

Many have posed the question “What is love” and answers are abundant. Is it the way he looks at you or the touch of his hand on your waist or knowing that his heart is true. How does love endure and why does it unravel. Is there a formula, possibly a way to calculate success and eternal commitment……….

Or maybe it is simply the fact that he loves who you are, even the messy bits and pieces.


Seven days


Seven days in the life of a large household can be chaotic, stressful and of course joyful. This past week was no different and included last minute preparations for the bridal shower, a trip to the lake for the fourth of July and an extended visit from the middle child.

Soos with the fan wall she created that will hang above the check in area where I will greet guests and guide them to the photo booth.IMG_E8657

Games and decorations have been finalized and as always the kids are willing to test new ideas!

A break from planning meant big sister taking little brother out for cinnamon roll French toast. As you can see this was a highlight of his week!IMG_20180629_124344

Mid week it was time to head to the lake for the traditional fourth of July celebration. Things are much quieter these days with fewer guests and simple food. It is always a great time and as usual one of my favorite people was present, KK. When asked how long we had known each other she said it was 1975. She was hired by mom and they became best friends and have been ever since! She and her husband John are truly family.


Fattima decorated the brownie cake mom makes every year, the kids swam and played basketball and then we made our way back to town.


It is basically countdown week for the shower and I will be sharing more throughout the week. As always blessings are numerous along with the many freedoms that our family holds dear!


This week


This week I have been resting up and finally feel that I am better! Thanks for your patience while I have been in and out of blogging!

Soos took me out for our favorite coffee yesterday which proved to be a great break from routine.  Living in a college town means there are several quaint coffee shops as well as eateries that cater to parents and their University children when they make visits. Small town life provides a great experience and people generally do say “hi” and stop if someone appears to be in need of help.

Yes this little gem is located on main street as one might expect and offers inside seating as well as cute little tables just outside.


I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday and mine will be spent pruning bushes and tending to the garden! Below is a picture taken on our way to the lake on the 4th!


Summer love-5

This series details the beginning and how I met him. The first few installments can be found here:

Spokane, Wa. 1982

Sunlight streamed through branches that had recently bent to the will of a rising wind. Pine cones and needles that were in need of raking littered the driveway and mom’s requests for their speedy removal were met with agitation and a promise to “get to them” after work one day. He held my sweaty hand and pulled me closer sending shivers down my neck and back. Soft whispers in my ear left drops of water on his forehead and cheeks as wet hair was swept aside and lips pressed gently onto mine.

The slider door opened and dad’s presence jolted me into a new reality.  I removed myself from his arms and turned to acknowledge my father who stood on the middle deck peering down. It was nearly 8 a.m. and I was responsible for opening Bingo; bags of ice needed to be carried, containers of popcorn made and condiments filled for the various food items that were offered. I spoke slowly and told him that I would have to leave and he was welcome to sit at Bingo or spend his time at the house in the woods.

I unlocked the door and ushered him inside where he greeted my father with the utmost respect. His self assured demeanor was a welcome change and he seemed to fit perfectly into our family environment. I was assured that everything would be fine as he and dad walked to the car to spend a day running errands and working on projects around the house.  I jumped in the car and made my way to the track where a day of Bingo, a break and then a night of work in the concessions stand would help to support my spending money throughout the year.

A rush that could not be explained clouded logic and urged me to take steps toward surrender. A borrowed car, directions scratched onto a single sheet of paper and his calm and humble character made it hard to hold strong.

Wood house and middle deck



We had a fairly quiet weekend with the exception of a visit from my middle child!  He arrived while we were out running errands and typical of this particular member of our unit, he found the photo wall and our props and sent us a picture of his version of the girls’ pose and also let us know he was home!

Of course the usual noise from games, cards and movies could be heard from downstairs. We also spent time testing more of the bridal shower recipes. A solid timeline has taken shape as well as the final menu! Jobs were assigned to each member of our team and arrangement of tables, photo wall and various other decorated locations were discussed.


The shower will take place at Fattima and Ben’s home and so a mock up of these plans has been made. Soos and Deeja were surprised to see the old Lynn, arranging, planning and making sure every detail was perfect! Below are just a few of the things we have tried and the second time around we have new plans and ideas for perfecting everything.

The kids had fun making Chinese cotton candy which didn’t quite turn out but was still a fun project.

I am on my second course of antibiotics to get rid of strep throat but am finally feeling better. Today will be spent looking over the first chapters my daughter has edited for my book!IMG_8539