Summer love- 7- True life story

This is a series regarding the time period when I met him. I hope to shed light on how it all began. The first 6 installments can be found here:


Spokane Was. 1982

A single pine cone dropped from a tree that lined the well manicured dirt road. Pine needles and other natural debris were constantly raked and hauled away leaving a pristine entry way to the house that stood on the hill. It was the last of five homes that marked this mile long road and mom insisted that it be picture perfect.

I slowly made my way between two towering pine which had become the parking area for extra cars. The smell of popcorn, hot dogs and concessions permeated my hair and clothing making it necessary to quickly make my way in through the car port door and hopefully straight to the shower. I gingerly opened the door and walked just two feet when I was greeted by his smiling face. He approached me cautiously and placed a single kiss above my forehead.

The noise of Dad’s recliner clanking shut reminded me that he was still home and most likely taking a break between projects. He taught high school English and was the department head but for now it was summer and time was spent checking off jobs that mom had listed on a piece of lined paper. Within minutes Dad walked past and reminded him that they would need to start early morning and might possibly need more supplies. He nodded his head and grinned eagerly,  piecing sentences together that tasked his rudimentary English skills.

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39 thoughts on “Summer love- 7- True life story

  1. “…quickly make my way in through the car port door and hopefully straight to the shower. I gingerly opened the door and walked just two feet….” You were already on your metal Lyn. Hoping he wouldn’t be there, knowing he would. Just a little time to gather oneself, to have that shower, freshen up. So important. He was already well entrenched in your life. Makes me shudder.

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  2. He wormed himself into you and your family. Being careful to not show his real self. Be the worm…hook the fish…reel her in….Then snap…..become the monster he always was. A controller….so glad your out xxxxx

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