Countdown love


When I was twelve years old I wrote poetry and submitted some of my work to various publications having one accepted. It was a National Christian publication that I found at church.  Unfortunately I cannot remember it but it went something like this:

Love is something only God can explain

It is the gentle wind that touches me

The sound of birds in Spring 

Eternal and forgiving


Papers crumple making tiny puff balls of orange, gold and white, ribbons are tied and placed on paper boxes. The last minute touches of a party meant to celebrate an everlasting love unfolds as only days remain.

Many have posed the question “What is love” and answers are abundant. Is it the way he looks at you or the touch of his hand on your waist or knowing that his heart is true. How does love endure and why does it unravel. Is there a formula, possibly a way to calculate success and eternal commitment……….

Or maybe it is simply the fact that he loves who you are, even the messy bits and pieces.


28 thoughts on “Countdown love

  1. Such a lovely poem Lynz and such an exciting time for all of your family.. I am delighted the countdown is going well.. Lots of work I know.. but LOVE is flowing… Beautiful image of that butterfly..
    Sending much love your way to you and your family xx ❤


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