Small town life

I grew up in a city, population 250,000. It was a happy medium and encompassed the best of both worlds. It was small enough that traffic was not crazy and it was large enough to have the many things that little towns do not. It is also where the video for the song”Thrift shop” was made!


I moved away for my college years and spent time in places that brought the best of country life and University fun. After marriage we lived in Seattle, a large city. We then moved to the middle east where most of our time was spent in Riyadh, population 5,000,000!

But here we are now for 9 years living in a little University town, just 15 miles down the road from where my mother grew up, population 600.  There are limited stores for shopping which means going to my hometown for more clothing choices. Sometimes you need to make a trip to a bigger city for specialized medical care. At times the kids complain of being bored and of course there are not as many options for activities as there would be in a large city.



The store is just 5 minutes drive down the road, people wave and nod commenting on the changing weather. The local police officer stops on an empty road to help you change your tire and makes sure you know how for next time! A Sunny Spring day gives way to snow, rain, more snow and finally sun again. University students appear in August, backpacks, cars and bikes. People walk the mall which has now added restaurants and gaming to take up empty spaces. A man smiles and waves making his loop and asks how we are doing this fine day. A lady appears at our door and brings a tin of homemade cookies and a note that thanks us for being such great neighbors.

I have adjusted to country life and now it is home.


64 thoughts on “Small town life

  1. Im much like you. Grew up in a larger city, but have lived outside of a small town for 17 years now, population of about 750. While I still love spending time in large cities on visits, and I still work in a large city, I’ll never live in one again. I’d never be able to give up the peace, Nature, solitude. 😃

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  2. While some do complain about the parochial nature of small town or village life and there are disadvantages, I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. A few days ago, we had a huge storm and one of the houses in the village was struck by lightning and caught fire. Basically, they’ve lost everything. To see how the local residents have rallied round to help the family has been glorious.

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  3. I grew up in a very small town akin to the size you live in and it was a wonderful place to grow up in and very safe. My parents were from New York City, so often we spent weekends in the city and holidays with family. Presently, I live on the West Coast of Florida and I think there are like 300,000 or more in the immediate population. I think as we get older, it would be nice to live somewhere smaller but we have a great airport here, some job opportunities, the beach, and the chance to bike into town or the nearby smaller area for groceries. I have to say it is pretty convenient. I like the opportunities here but I can appreciate the niceties of the small town life.

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  4. We are both veterans: access to health care, several universities, and good libraries and lots of choices available with stores. Actually the population is higher than stated; probably closer to 500,000. Florida has grown on me since I arrived here over a decade ago.


  5. A small town life can be peaceful and serene. Even though I enjoy where I live, I long to live in a quaint mountain town. Your views are beautiful and I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

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  6. This came at just the right time for me because it’s looking like we’ll be moving to a small town much like yours! I’m both excited and nervous at the prospect, mostly nervous since for most of my life I’ve lived in a very large city. But then your pictures reminded me of summers at my grandparents place and how much fun I had there. Here’s to new adventures!

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  7. Lynn, what a beautiful and idyllic countryside around you and no wonder you’ve settled so well. I live in a small village, and as you say, everyone knows each, watches out for the children. It’s good to have bigger towns not too far away – the best of both worlds. Riyadh must have been a culture shock on so many levels.

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  8. I grew up in small towns too. Ones where everyone knows each other. They have such charm, The largest city I ever lived in is in California where our home is, under 200, 000 and it seems like all it is doing growing bigger and bigger. Glad your home Lynn, it shows in all your pictures and poems. You live in a beautiful part of the country.!! xxxxkat

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  9. I am a city girl from Cleveland Ohio but had a country living babysitter and my brothers and I loved both scenes.
    I chose a university town which has the best orchestra and plays, as well as a strong 4H and farming community.
    Wonderful photographs, Lynn!! Just stunning pictures to illuminate the best of country Life. Love you, “country gal!” xo 💐 💕

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