40 thoughts on “Grace and Glory

  1. I admire anyone who can practise forgiveness, especially in your circumstances. It is the one aspect of being human I struggle with the most. Hurt and a sense of injustice (often on someone else’s behalf) almost always triumph! I can let go of the person responsible, I can ignore them, I can move on with my life, I can even act as if nothing has happened if necessary (eg social or family events) and be civil or even friendly towards that person. But I will never forget and will always hold them responsible for their actions. Your posts and poems are always thought-provoking and make me look inwards.

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  2. You are such a talented poet, Lynn. A wise friend taught me about forgiveness when going through his divorce. I was astonished at the time since his wife had behaved deplorably and he was dreadfully hurt but I watched and I learned and I have been grateful for the lesson ever since. I will send him this poem. He will love it 😊

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