Update on surgery



I have been absent from blogging for a couple of days and instead have been playing care giver for my Mude. He is doing well but his wisdom tooth removal was more complicated than we thought it would be. He felt a bit better last night and hopefully his progress will continue!  I will pop over to visit blogs when I can! Have a great Thursday and Happy Holidays!

Love, Lynn

I am sure Mude will be back to the gym, running and just being our special Mude very soon!

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76 thoughts on “Update on surgery

  1. Sorry he’s having issues with the surgery Lynn and I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I remember years ago when I had mine done I developed a dry socket and that was oh so painful. 😦

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      1. Hope he doesn’t need to do jaw exercises after. I swelled so bad I couldn’t open my mouth except for a tiny bit. In my follow up appt the dentist showed me exercises to loosen my jaw up. Jeez. Good Luck and hope this doesn’t ruin the holidays. Lots of ice!

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    1. not fun, well they said his teeth on the top were criss crossed and had to do something with his palette! So so much swelling. The picture I put up was on the way home and then each hour it got worst. He seems better today!


  2. Ugh! Thankfully I only had 3 wisdom teeth and not four to have removed. It was a brutal few days afterwards. I kept saying imagine if I had four how much worse it would have been! 🙂
    Always lookin for that brighter side. 🙂

    I hope he feels much, much better by Christmas morning!

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  3. Kids come first – anyways guys (at least the ones I have known) like to be pampered and spoiled. Is that seaweed he is wearing – looks like a caveman (in a nice way). Everyone is busy this time of the year and there has to be priorities sometimes 🙂

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  4. Ouch, I so remember having one of mine removed, not nice Lynz I hope he is soon back to himself for the holidays.. Love the photo shares..
    Have a wonderful family time.. and you too take care.. and thank you for all of your lovely visits this year.. Happy Christmas and a Happy New year xxx ❤ Sue


  5. I’m sure you are being a wonderful mom caretaker after his surgery! Hope he starts feeling better soon! I remember my wisdom teeth removal didn’t go so well either. I think the dentists are a bit deceptive on how major it is to get them removed.

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  6. I was a dental nurse for a short time. We had a sign in reception – “Man who visit dentist eventually lose all wisdom”. LOL. It is a horrible procedure, particularly if the teeth are impacted. He’ll have a sore jaw and could be swollen for up to a week. But it WILL get better. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

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  7. Wisdom tooth can be a real pain. I wish and pray he recovers soon. He is a young and tough lad. It shouldn’t take much time for him to get back to his gymming and other activities. Best wishes to him and you as well dear Lynz.

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