We drive by this tiny town each time we go to see my parents and the little family.  Last Spring we saw it from a new perspective high above the rolling Palouse. As we drove past the same scene on Friday I thought of how different it looked close up without a view of the whole picture. Life can be so complicated and sometimes we only see things from one place, forgetting there is indeed a bigger picture.

This was brought to my attention with a recent post from dear friend Erika and it got me thinking! Thanks Erika!

What do you see?

The big picture


thumbnail_IMG_3508 (1)

In the distance just beyond the cemetary you can see the butte we were standing on to take the bigger picture photo.







40 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Isn’t it amazing how we all of a sudden see so many connections to life when we realize something like that? An amazing view and truly gives a huge and beautiful picture… and insight. Amazing timing too! Thank you for the mention, Lynn 💖

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  2. Taking the time to really look around us is precious and sadly in this age of snappy happy phones and extremely hi-tech cameras at affordable prices becoming a list set. Great challenge, great response xxx


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