Family time

My weekend was relaxing and at the same time full of visitors and fun! Fridays are my favorite because they signal the weekend and possible visits from the older kids.

Saleeha and a friend came over Saturday morning, they brought me a coffee and we sat chatting for a few hours. I had help putting tables and chairs off to the side of the deck, the umbrella was taken down and Grampa Adolph’s bench was put under cover. A couple of walks around the neighborhood and then it was time to start dinner.


Fattima came over and brought company along, the kids played cards and the usual chatter, arguing and laughing rang out, reminding me that they really are still kids! We made Kufta, greek bread and yogurt sauce which turned out nicely. The kids ended the day with a monopoly game and Fattima went home.

Sunday we made Maclube and yogurt salad.


Fattima arrived with more company and a delicious huckleberry cheesecake. She will write out the recipe and it will be shared on the blog later this week.


The ever-changing Palouse still rolls, giving me a new and enchanting view each day and more reasons to count my blessings.


66 thoughts on “Family time

  1. What a fun and eventful weekend you had – always nice to have the kids around πŸ™‚ I just find weekends just go by so fast. Looking forward to looking into those recipes πŸ™‚ Have a good week ahead Lynn πŸ™‚ xxx

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  2. My grandmother (not the one I have just written a post about) loved landscapes like yours more than anything – rolling as far as the eye can stretch, it seems to widen the sky. The food looks fabulous and I await this cheesecake with impatience as I now know what a huckleberry is and can pick something near it in the hills here!! xxx

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  3. You are so lucky to have that big family close by. I only had two children. My daughter has two sons and they live in Wisconsin, a two-day drive away. I would love to have children and grandchildren coming for dinner on weekends. I would also love to have you fabulous view!

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  4. What a nice relaxing day. when my kids get together and I hear their laughter, it reminds me they really never grow up in our hearts, nothing like the laughter of our children to keep us young in heart. The cheese cake looked yummy along with the rest of the pictures. Its going on 10a and makes me want to go whip up something wonderful for lunch. As you are getting ready for the winter, we ae dragging out all out all our chairs and tables, putting the flower pots back out so maybe the nasturtiums will return if the hot, dry summer didn’t kill them all. Did you have any kind of seasonal change in Saudi?? Or was it always hot, dry and windy?? I feel very blessed that we just have 3 months of intolerable hot weather here, the rest of the time is paradise, when its not blowing!! LOL thinking of you and your beautiful Palouse…I am still gong to get up your way, maybe in the spring after the snow melts. We would of already had that hug if it hadn’t been for the RV accident. Really happy to hear you sounding so well….keep up the writing, and I love, love all the family pictures and recipes…happy day sister…XXkat


    • thanks sweet sister Kat! In Saudi it was hot and hotter, and dustier haha. That was the real change that I noticed. It got cooler and was easier to go outside when we lived in the compound but not much in any other changes weather wise. Oh it did rain too! thanks for the wishes. I am glad you are well and love your colorful flowers! xoxo

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