42 thoughts on “Love

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  2. Still playing catch up with blogs and glad I got to read and feel this post..
    Lynz, you have a book of poetry, please publish and make it available to us..
    I believe that would be a great introduction for people to look forward to your biography to be published..
    The work you are putting into this I also believe has great potential for steady income once you start publishing..

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  3. Maybe publishing your book of poetry would be like getting your feet wet in the literary world before jumping all in.. ๐Ÿ’›
    No matter the response, it gets you noticed..
    Your bio is a whole other genre of reading, with all the elements people look for.. Something to become immersed in, feel, root for and rage at in the injustices, while sticking with you til the last page..
    I hope you push away any worries of how either is recieved.. It doesn’t matter or reflect on you.. Marketing is always a good tool but with all the followers you have, I’m pretty confident that your popularity will be all the marketing you’d need..
    Again, sales shouldn’t matter, these are your poems, your story.. That’s what matters, everything else is icing.. ๐Ÿ’›

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