64 thoughts on “Snuggles

        1. Well, they can help you out of any electronic dilemma you’re having, at any rate. (I’m just going go by what others tell me, you understand. The eleven we’ve got can still stand to be touched and molly-hogged. They think we’re old as dirt, mind you)

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  1. Yes, well, I say that because the last time our 16-yr-old was here, he made sure I got onto a new iPhone. Now, previous to that I had the same cell phone since 2003 – yes, you read that right – which I was very happy with, since I use it (at the most! I) six times a month. Paid $10.00/month all those years. Well, grandson decides I must have an up-to-date phone with an up-to-date plan. He pressed a bunch of buttons and brought me up to speed with the latest ‘additions’ (NONE of which I wanted or needed) and I detest the thing. The latest bill was $51.65 and I used it – yes, it’s true! – HALF an hour altogether for the month. I bet you can guess where I wish that phone was . .. on his personage. I love him dearly but dear old granny just ain’t that hip.

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