I didn’t blog for over two months. I struggled with many things, even simple daily tasks. Now I have posted each day for over two weeks. This is part of my normal life and so it feels good to reconnect with everyone and to be a part of this community. For now, my posts might just be a picture, or a short poem, but I want to continue to post something each day.

I am taking pride in little accomplishments and simple things that are now possible.

Thank you for your love and support!




76 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Your accomplishments are many and brilliant. You have overcome so much and it is hardly surprising that you stumble and fall from time to time. It is wonderful to see you, wonderful to look at your beautiful pictures, wonderful to read your poems. One step at a time – the world is a richer place for having you xxx

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  2. Whatever works for you is great – my posts are almost all short these days. It works for my schedule, and I don’t feel obligated to post something long, which can get overwhelming (particularly when I am busy in my personal life).

    Also, I like the blog redesign!

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  3. I had to cut down my blogging from every day to every three days except if I have a miniseries, then that period would be every other day. I just don’t have time either, but I want to put in time to write too. In time I might go once a week!

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