69 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I can’t believe we’re seeing the first signs of autumn here too, yesterday I found acorns and conkers (horse chestnuts) on the ground, we were hoping for an extended summer as it’s been pretty poor so far.

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  2. The pictures I see of fall always look so beautiful! We don’t get the change of seasons in Florida, but I hope to one day experience it elsewhere during my travels:) Thank you for sharing your lovely photo, Lynz:)

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  3. What a beautiful photo Lynn. It is amazing how we are reminded of our childhood through seasons, scents, sights etc..right?
    Hope you have been well and enjoying the summer.

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  4. Beautiful shot! I have been noticing leaves changing already, and acorns on the ground…and then suddenly I realized there’s a bloom on my rhododendron, which blooms in late spring! Not sure where to go with that!

    Like you, I love this season–it seems more like a beginning than an ending time to me…

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  5. Gazing at those glorious colours, kicking up piles of leaves in air that starts to have a snap to it and grabbing the falling stars while giggling with delight…. go and be that young carefree girl again Lynn. Your chains are gone, You can be the beautiful girlchikd again. Have a free from care Fall with my love xxxx

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