This past Saturday my middle child graduated from University. When we arrived 8 years ago he was 15, had never been to English school and did not have the necessary academic tools to help him succeed. He struggled as many students do, he thought of quitting, it was a difficult time period for all of us.

My children don’t like being in the spotlight and so I will not give the details of his long journey. I will just say, he never gave up and has earned his Bachelor’s degree, found a great job and will be moving away in a few weeks. I feel so many emotions but the one that stands out is– pride. He is an amazing young man, son, brother, uncle, grandson and human being!

The lesson– Never give up.






The Palouse

A few weeks ago we drove up the narrow, windy road of Steptoe Butte. The view was amazing and stretched for miles.  Yesterday we decided to visit Kamiak Butte which entails a hike up to the top, without the scary drive! The landscape was dotted with trees and Spring flowers and off in the distance we could see our little town. I hope you enjoy our part of the world.