Week in review

This was my week in case you missed anything. Have a great Sunday.

Love Lynn













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37 thoughts on “Week in review

  1. Those boys are so cute….and your son’s are so handsome….love the colors of your orange flowers, love the doggie door….and of course you look fabulous…so glad alls well with you skin….have a fantastic week….!!! we hit 103′ here today….I believe spring is gone and summer has arrived….xxkat

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      1. for the desert its just starting to warm up….we will be up in the 115’s by the end of june/july whats really scary is we can actually move around and live in it….can’t stay outside for very long, but it is a very dry heat, no moisture whats so ever….last year I swam in the evenings in 111′ it will cool down to the 90’s high 80’s on a good night….the best part is by September it is cooling off all ready….July, Aug are the worst months…..we hope to be traveling….xxkat

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      1. Me too. I need friends right now but my default is to retreat into my shell. Therefore, I have given myself a talking to and resolved to interact more here again with those I value so highly. Chiefly you! Xx

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      1. It seems to be okay now. It took hours to get it back to what it was. I lost a lot of my own creations but found most of my stuff on OneDrive, beBee and WordPress. A learning experience for sure.

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