The great doggie door escape

For a couple of months both Aiden and Bennett have been looking at the doggie door, watching Kenny make his exit and trying to figure out how he does it! Well the other day it happened! Bennett is the great explorer of the two boys and he was very pleased to finally make his move!

Love you boys



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68 thoughts on “The great doggie door escape

  1. Oh my! You’ll have to block it off or close it, and hope they don’t figure out how to open it!

    Thankfully our doggie door is in the garage so #1GS hasn’t seen it in action very often otherwise I’m sure I would have faced the same problem.

    I hope the yard outside that doggie door is gated. 🙂

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          1. I remember catching our younger son backing himself into the deep end of a swimming pool. He was wearing a pair of Doctor Dentins pjs. It was kind of cute but could have been a disaster if we weren’t there to catch him.


  2. Oh my… it begins…..what one doesn’t think of the other will…LOL what fun watching these beautiful boys grow up….they will keep you all busy for sure… Happy Spring to you my friend….xxkat

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  3. What a great picture! I love how kids watch everything and then all of a sudden they figure it out. If only we didn’t lose that quality eventually…(K)


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