Maybepr, . 

We have been with our special boys for 2 days now. They have grown so much and are even more amazing!

Yesterday Aiden grabbed my phone and pressed buttons. When I got it back I saw wordpress open and a post! I can barely keep up on posts but Aiden writes one? Who knows what the title means but I had to share!



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  1. Welcome to the blog world Aiden. As soon as you have your own space, I will hit the follow button. Maybe you can get together with your brother and do a blog together – double trouble, perhaps.

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      1. Kids these days pick up electronics so easily so and so young, it amazes me to see little bitty ones working an ipad when I still have to search around to find what I’d want to do. LOL

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      1. We facetime with my Son and #1 GS asks all the time to FT with Uncle XXXX.

        He knows the password to unlock his mom’s phone and ipad and scrolls through the youtube cartoons and super egg videos all by himself!
        I suppose it’s equivalent of us learning to dial the phone and change the channels on the TV when we were babies. Imitating Mom and Dad. 🙂

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