Little ones

Little birds inside the nest

Newly feathered prudent breast

Don’t clip your wings for you must fly

Unto a distant faithful sky

Mother watches, never far

Hoping you will find your star



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85 thoughts on “Little ones

    1. Yes, I always encourage my children to do their best and to do what makes them happy! They hesitate to leave but I am always trying to push and move them forward in their lives. So this just came to mind while viewing a little nest on my walk! Thanks Jonathan

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  1. I love this poem Lynz. An encouragement to fly and trust that mother is watching. Very applicable to life as well… Don’t be afraid to fly, explore, step out. My heart says to you as well… Don’t be afraid. Your sun is shining. I like that you are pushing and expressing and taking it slow as well. ☮️😀

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