63 thoughts on “Snow and ice day!

  1. Just moved to Texas, and while I do enjoy the milder winters, I do miss the occasional snow day. It gives you a break from your routine! It also always gave me an irresistible urge to cook!


  2. The photo is lovely!! And guess what – I ‘googled’ the Palouse yesterday after reading your post AND it looks so beautiful that I now plan to visit the area (part of the area at least) in the spring. I want to take a cross-Canada train trip, which I’m very excited about. Once we reach Vancouver I’m gonna spend some time with an old French Canadian friend of mine from ‘the old days’ when my husband and I were young. After that I want to travel a bit through Washington state and on to the gorgeous area of the Palouse.
    The article I found online talked about possible ways the Palouse came to be named and mentioned it might have come from the French word ‘pelouse’ which means lawn.. or an area of short grass.
    When we had our farm in Quebec I remember my husband’s family often mentioning they needed to cut their ‘pelouse. ; o )

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  3. Most of the schools in my town reopened today after 8 snow days in a row! We had a roof collapse in one of the school’s gym last week, and thank the Lord above it happened overnight when nobody was in it. So all schools remained close until all roof snow was cleared. A roof collapsed today on an empty grocery store. Only four schools remain closed at this time for snow removal. Just crazy. Now our streets are flooding because all that snow is starting to melt. Very dangerous out there, but at least most of the kids got to go back to school today. They added a week to the school year. Be safe, Lynn!

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  4. I think you’ve gotten our winter as well as your regularly scheduled one Lynn. It has been a very mild one in the Northeast. We know this won’t last all winter but we’ll surely take what we can get as far as warmer weather. Stay warm and enjoy!

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