White picket fence


White picket fence beneath the snow

I’ve searched for you high and low

Each year that passed nowhere to be found

No crunch of footsteps on frozen ground

Beyond my reach it seemed you were lost

A delusion of hope, an inordinate cost.

Under it all still shining bright

Looking for beauty my heart takes flight.



83 thoughts on “White picket fence

  1. The inordinate cost is small, it seems.
    With your warm words, and family dreams
    you warm our hearts, you warm our toes;
    the snow will melt as everyone knows
    and very soon the fence will show
    kept safe and sound beneath the snow.

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  2. This had me thinking your poem was about lost love or your own lost “white picket fence dreams,” Lynn. This was particularly poignant knowing how far away you went to have love and then get betrayed. You are still blessed with loving family and everything worked out as it was meant to happen. ❤ 🙂 xo

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