Babysitting and two meets

The day started off at 5 a.m.with a quick trip to watch the boys, then onto districts and now making our way 2 more hours to see Heme run. 

Mude took second place, onto state!  So very proud of his dedication! Love you Mude! 

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76 thoughts on “Babysitting and two meets

  1. The countryside he’s running in is wonderful! It would feed my soul just to hike/walk those roads!

    Congratulations Mude! He-Man was a Marathoner and Triathlete in the 80’s and 90’s. I waited at the finish line and transition areas for hours with my children. I have a pretty good idea of what the waiting was like for you and the family Lynn. Lemme tell ya it’s always the tall, skinny guys, and gals that finish in the top 5. He-Man is built like a Baseball player…so you know he wasn’t first evah! 🙂 He did finish first and in the top 5 in his age bracket though. 🙂

    Mude, take really good care of knees! Run uphill get a ride downhill! Seriously take good care of your knees!

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      1. Yes! We have lovely memories of the venues, and his races.
        He fell in love with the biking and went on to compete in cycling events riding in century and double century events.
        His Patella tendon snapped 2 yrs ago. He’s working hard to get back to where he was before that, but it’s doubtful he will ever regain all his mobility. He still can’t stand in the saddle, and he can’t run. Take care of your knees! They’re a vital joint in our ability to move and be athletic! I know now in hindsight!

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