My little gallery

I am trying to slow down and enjoy life, let stressful things go. Take long walks, and do things that I find peaceful. Recently I enlarged some of my favorite pictures and framed them. They are hanging in my living room and bedroom.

I had a difficult time taking pictures of my artwork and had to move them around temporarily to show you!

Love, Lynn



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77 thoughts on “My little gallery

      1. I’m maxed the next couple of days – I’m reading a thesis for a young PhD student. Its very interesting but my job is to edit grammar and spelling so I have to concentrate hard. I will try you on Friday and see if we can’t have a good chat! Of course if that isn’t convenient we can try another day xxx

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  1. It sounds wonderful, to take a step back, slow down and relax a bit and just enjoy life. Your pictures are beautiful Lynn. Enjoy this time, a new chapter of your life πŸ™‚ xxx


  2. I love the field. The style of the two photos is completely different, the first looks from an older era, the second one modern. I’m pleased for you that you are undertaking a project just for you. I too have been taking time out to rediscover my creative side. It does help to slow down, unwind and recentre.

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