Never alone

I walk among the bramble bush, Sycamore and weeping willow

My heart still sings with each new step, fragrant petals follow me…..

I walk alone

Eyes that never dared to take in nature’s beauty at first light.

Now bathed in visions of lavender and primrose

Weeds and seedlings comfort me as tender shoots adore the soil

I walk alone

All a testament to new beginnings and possibilities

Dare to walk alone says the dandelion as it prepares to travel with the wind

I continue on my path and realize that I am really not alone…..



66 thoughts on “Never alone

  1. As I just recently left a comment/message for Terry (Spearfruit) I am going to have you go to my main web site to Archive July 2014 post to a poem I wrote many years ago that touches on just this subject Lynz-Entitled “Forever, your child. (July 8th, 2014 post in archives https: xoxoxoxo b-2

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  2. Lynn, this is one of my favorite poems you have posted, if not my favorite. I think it really speaks to me about your experience – only aided by knowing the contrast of this place where you are now in so many ways with the place you came from, geographically, physically and mentally.

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  3. 💛 we all walk alone.. and sometimes along the way, many feet walk beside us, making our journey lighter or heavier, better or worse..

    Your feet walking next to mine, lift my spirits 😊

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