Relaxing Sunday

We are back home, I miss the boys already. To be honest I missed them when we were saying our goodbyes. What a blessing to be part of their lives! Today will be a lazy day spent taking a long walk, cooking and getting groceries!

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday filled with happiness!



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80 thoughts on “Relaxing Sunday

    1. haha yes not that lazy but for this household lazy. Thanks PJ! When I took goodbye photos and we were pulling away I was tempted to stay another night. My son kept asking us to stay, but I have many responsibilities here and will be back there Tuesday night to help Jacki. Love those boys! xxxxxxx Hope your Sunday is wonderful.


  1. Lazy Sundays are the best. We are getting our prep done for meals here but no rushing. I live that feeling. Hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and relaxation!

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  2. Good Morning my sister……just read and looked at all the post I have missed, those babies are so cute…and loved the pictures of you as a wee one….glad to see your back at getting the story out of your soul….he is such a pig!!! I am so happy you were able to extract yourself away from there…being back at home had to give you a sense of “being home” safe with family at the end of a phone line…..your amazing….a wonderful mother and now a spectacular grandmother…I am happy that I met you on this website and have become friends….I still plan on making it up that way in the next year…moving here changed all our plans…have a wonderful Sunday and I love seeing the pictures of the area…..xxxxxxxxkat

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  3. I know exactly how you’re feeling. When #1 Grandson goes to his Dad’s and his other Grandparents house each week I miss him terribly.

    Enjoy your quiet Sunday! It won’t be long till you see the babies again!

    Question is one of those bridges in your header image the Pasco-Kennewick Bridge?

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