60 thoughts on “Things in Saudi

  1. I have 2 pillow cases from a market in the UAE which resemble your pillowcase from Saudi. I also had a woven bag which I sold before I left…I had a sale in my hotel apt. room because I couldn’t bring home everything after one year. I imagine you had a lot of stuff to consider and reconsider what to do with.

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    1. The place where I went to see the back pack and rugs, blankets there are no actual camels, it is near to the gold souk.I am not sure if that postcard picture is the actual market and there I would think you could. Sorry Terry, I really stayed in the home not going out to see these interesting things haha

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      1. really stunning! I have a friend from Morroco, she has shoes, scarves, bags, in the deepest and most vivid and unusual colors, shining rhinestones! I imagine it is brilliant there as well.

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  2. Those suitcases on the car hood. Ha! I think something like that might have been done a time or two in my neighborhood. We are red necks in NEPA, for sure.

    I, too, am interested in those camels flying through the air. How odd! I wonder what they are up to with that???

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        1. No haha I never tried it but he would stop when we were out driving. Camels and their hearders(i guess that is who they are) are just there with a tent tending to them. So we stopped quite often while they milked them and gave him milk!

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