And here we have Idaho….


Driving through the Palouse is always a colorful adventure. About half way to the lake several yellow fields popped up and we finally found a place to safely pull over.


My all time favorite barn is now surrounded by little white flowers._DSC0394

The road that leads directly to the lake is surrounded by mountains and fields that change each season._DSC0374

Winding our way down the narrow dirt road a forest emerges followed by cows, horses and views of the lake.


Old farm equipment in a field on the lake road.


Leaving the lake and heading home, more fields of white flowers, fences and barns.


My mother grew up in a tiny town in Idaho and so she is a true Idaho girl, each time we head down the lake road and spot “the tree” she starts in to singing the Idaho state song and the kids must join in, And here we have Idaho…..

99 thoughts on “And here we have Idaho….

      • I love it! When we are away from home and coming back over Sunol pass we get a lovely view of Santa Clara Valley. I always quote Bilbo Baggins from J.R. R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, “Our back is to legends, and we are coming home.”, when I see the valley from that vantage point. I’m sure my family thinks I’m silly. πŸ™‚

        I sure hope at least one picks up the tradition and carries it one with their family. Perhaps your son now that he’s a Dad?

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        • I hope so! I remember the times we came to visit while living in Saudi, the kids have so many memories and each time we drive down the road now I remember her singing and we all laugh! I love your quote Deborah! Yes those are fun traditions!!!

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  1. Gorgeous photos Lynn! That is so funny about your mother and the tree. It is a four-hour drive to our property over a mountain pass to our RV property on the coast. When driving back, when there is only about 45 minutes left to get home we are just getting to the East side of the Cascades, and that means lava flows! So when ever we turn the corner and see the first lava flow I sing out in an operatic voice “LAVA!!!!!” πŸ˜€

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    • Thanks, I have been blogging almost a year and felt it was time for a change. Also, for those using a phone it was a difficult theme to see on phones. I am not sure about it but decided to give it a try! xxx Hope all is well dear friend

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      • Oh yes, a change is as good as a holiday LOL . Great thought about choosing a theme that works well with a phone (never thought of that) Well, give it a bit of time, and see how you feel about it πŸ™‚ All is fine my side thank you, we had a bit of a cold spell today, quite the change from the weekend, when we were hitting middle of summer temperatures ! For winter, that was a bit odd, but I was certainly not complaining. I hope you are great and well my friend. xxx

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