Countdown to happy




Jacki is heading into her 36th week and is due to have a c section in less than two weeks! Her b.p. has come down and has stabilized and she is doing great. The babies are monitored a couple of times a week and are doing well! This is a new, beautiful and hopeful chapter of our lives.

Bennett Michial Mansour

Aiden James Mansour


Love, Grama Lynn




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114 thoughts on “Countdown to happy

  1. Sending lots of love and congratulations your way, Grama Lynn! They’ve chosen lovely names for the babies. Very exciting time for your family! 🙂


  2. That is such a beautiful picture.. Glad to know that Jacki is doing well and so are the babies! 😊 😊 Really excited for your guys.. Sending in a lot of positive vibes 😊

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  3. Hi Lynn, this is awesome, two at once, I am jealous 😉

    As a side note: I apologize for the follow – unfollow repeats. My fingers are so clumsy on the ipad that as I scroll down to find someone in my list, I often manage to unfollow people unaware. 😦 So frustrating.



  4. Thanks for the up date, Lynn. I hope all goes well. She may be at risk of eclampsia after the babies are born too. She’ll have to keep track of her BP. That’s what happened to our daughter-in-law. We nearly lost her.

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      1. It can be treated easily. Just watch out for headaches and any indication of elevated BP. Get her into emergency immediately if you have any concerns.

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          1. No she didn’t and she’s an older mom too. Post Natal Eclampsia is happening more and more to the older moms. Also the hospital stay is so short that they can miss a problem.

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      1. LOL! I remember those last few weeks well. Tired of not being able to put on my own socks, or tie my shoes, or find a comfortable position to do most things, oh, tired of the heartburn, and tired of the waiting and so, so anxious to have the baby arrive, and be in my arms! 🙂

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      1. Well good luck with the C-section. I had both my daughters by C-section – in our country, doctors prefer it since they make lots of money but I also had BP problems. Happy landing to your daughter and congratulations again. You are on your way to an empire now:-)

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