61 thoughts on “Interesting Riyadh!

  1. love the furniture outside….how funny….the falcons in a storage unit….hummmm – I always believe that the wild animals belong in the wild…but they looked well cared for…love the pictures…..kat

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  2. Oh my gosh. There used to be a bunch of middle eastern students living in a house that I walked past often. They had made some sort of smoking room in the garage that looked a lot like the furniture in your photo. They’d be sitting out there in all weather with the garage door flung open, and their magic carpet knitting them all together as they told stories and smoked their thingamajigs. 😉

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      1. I am always surprised that people have so much to talk about there. The sofa set photo was wonderful- is it politics that they discuss or their wives or their love lives or their fast cars or the world situation in general ?

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          1. I mean, perhaps for an introvert, its difficult to comprehend that people can talk for so long about virtually nothing but infact, things of so much importance to them.
            And to add to the surprise, you don’t see women socializing out in the open on these discarded sofas.:)

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  3. I honestly now think there’s a great cultural gap in male relationships in the U.S. and the Middle East.. Every man I’ve met or male group I’ve encountered here in the U.S. that was from anywhere in the Middle East, always are engaging in conversation, usually very animated conversation.. But here in the U.S., our guys talk but not usually holding sustained conversation for long periods.. Our culture raised the “big silent type” .. It’s less noticable now than years ago but I have a feeling that the Middle East leads in male bonding and socializing.. What do you think Lynz ?

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