Visit 2012- Fattima and Abdullah

Abdullah playing dress up trying on the traditional Saudi head dress-Gutra and Igal

The first kids to make a trip back to Saudi, were Fattima (Foof) and Abdullah (little Abude). We relocated to the States in 2009 and they went back in December 2012. It was a stressful trip but very eye opening for the whole family. The next trip would be the following December with 3 more kids and that pretty much closed the door on any more trips.



lay over relaxation timeIMAG0832DSCN0250

At the beach in Al-KhobarFattima2

Picnic time 1228120759b




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102 thoughts on “Visit 2012- Fattima and Abdullah

  1. Such beautiful pictures! I love seeing the area because it is hard for me to picture what it is actually like versus what we are shown on the news.

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  2. I love vacation pictures. I have to say, knowing so much of your history adds a lot of mystery to what was going on behind and in-between the photos! Hope you are doing well today Lynn (my adopted big sister). πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks dear sister xxx well they went wanting to see what the heck was going on, they stayed in his new apartment with his second wife and child! So, it was very stressful, but gave them a good idea. He and the wife fought non stop, his mom was there as well. So, a weird trip but a clear idea!

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  3. Great pics – I agree with everyone that these (and the other pictures you post) really do give a different view of life here than we see on the news (in the rare instance that the news does bother to show anything about what life is really like).

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  4. Beautiful children. I liked the picture of your daughter wearing the black robe (I forget the name) with her denim jeans sticking out from the bottom, and holding a smart phone. Contrast of cultural expectations or technology encroaches on all cultures! thanks for sharing.

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  5. Lynn,
    It is wonderful how they support you and you support them. I am amazed that you let them go back to Saudi after the harrowing time they had there- it shows you are very open minded and wanted them to experience life for themselves rather than what was told them. Love it.
    Have you been to Saudi after you left ? Would you go again ?
    I am surprised people can even fight so much and they have so much aggressiveness inside them. I mean, wouldn’t our basic instinct be to percolate towards peace and harmony- these people seem to thrive on fights.
    Does your husband have a job now and is he with his second wife or does he have another one ?

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    1. He was controlling, it was the same old routine. The first visit he had his wife there, so he was nice to the kids like maybe he felt he had people backing him up and he and the wife fought non stop. The next visit she had left him, so back to his old self, controlling, got mad at my daughter for buying a mug, back to the same old stuff. My daughter said why would I go back to be treated like that, forget it!

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