94 thoughts on “Visit to Damascus 2001

    1. My 7th child, my runner- Mude! It is not an easy place to visit to be honest. Very rough living conditions and tiring with people constantly around all day, tons of people and you must smile and be available at all times! Tough for the kids! people there until 2 a.m., you have to dress up etc. lots of rules!

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  1. Always nice to see pics of Syria. Where was the beach pics taken?

    I know it wasn’t always easy to be there, but I’m glad you saw Damascus and Syria in happier times. You know part of my heart continues to ‘live’ there!

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  2. I love seeing photos of your happy children, Lynz. It’s hard to know that there are thousands of children suffering in Syria now. It’s tragic. Why can’t all children have safe happy childhoods? My heart breaks for the children of a world who must endure adults bent on destruction.

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  3. I immediately thought. Goodness, this is such a physically beautiful place. And so similar to the high desert where I live in the magnet affect artificially created water features have on people.
    Very different images from the ones we see of Syria on the current news media.

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      1. So much different. But you are able to communicate so much of your old life with your stories and photos that your readers get such details about what it was like for you! It’s so interesting, Lynn, keep going!

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  4. Such a beautiful images of the children.. Which makes my heart all the more pleased that you escaped… Such terrible times for many more youngsters out there now.. I know these were taken 15 years ago and your children and now grown into young adults… But I bet you give thanks Lynz that you made the decision to leave..
    Bless you and yours dear Lynz..

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    1. Thanks Sue, it was a difficult decision to leave Saudi, but now I know it was the only way. He wanted my 18 year old daughter to marry and my other kids were not allowed to leave! So, it hax been hard but it was necessary!

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