127 thoughts on “Fun time with Clementine

  1. What? Has this beautiful dog gone over the Rainbow? Is it an Eskie? I understand they’re amazingly smart, and I think allergic friendly = they don’t have fur they have hair.

    There aren’t too many dogs that have hair. My Diva Dog a mutt; Bichon-poodle mix has hair.

    I hope you’re just saying bye-bye until the next visit! πŸ™‚ Great action images, and expressive eye images.

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    1. Yes, I changed the title after I realized people thought the worst! She is my son and daughter in laws dog and we just left Seattle yesterday and said goodbye as she stood paw on the window sill looking out! She is a mix but I think Samoyed mostly

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  2. Aaww Lynn, Clementine is going to miss you so much. I am sure she just loved all the extra attention and love this weekend. She really is a beautiful gorgeous girl with a wonderful character, and such bright eyes ! Just a cutie pie. I just want to give her a big warm hug. πŸ™‚ x

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  3. She looks the kind of dog that just loves to be out with her ‘people’, enjoying herself – a real family pet. I can understand why you miss her when you go home, Lynn. I bet she misses you, too.

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