89 thoughts on “Spring on the Palouse

      1. I’m so happy to see Spring peeking around the corner. In fact, she has been showing some of her finest here (and there, it looks like). Finally, the harsh part of winter is over this year!

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      1. Yep! But college years were 1982-1986! A lot has changed since then! There’s one granddaughter there at WSU now, and another in 2 years! Still remember the openness and beauty of the area! 💛 Elizabeth

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      2. OMG…we were there at the same time? The Pullman campus? What was your major? My two sons were also there WITH me! Ted graduated in 84, Business Admin, Jeff in 85, poly Sci/History I followed in 86, Psychology & Alcohol Studies. Yikes! It’s a small world! 💛 Christine (Elizabeth)

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  1. Lynn, thanks for sharing these pretty photographs. The photos were amazing and very revealing of the terrain. I liked the gentle slopes like hills but not exactly. They were like I would draw them up and down and curvy! 🙂

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  2. I’m glad to hear that spring is beginning to show where you are, too, Lynn. You’ve had a cold winter, I know. Your photos are lovely. I’ll have to look up about the Palouse now. I know nothing about that area – hope there’s something online.

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