Back to Saudi 2013

We left Saudi in April of 2009, we never returned after the summer.  Two of the older kids made a trip back in 2012 and then Soos and Mude wanted to visit. Foof accompanied them as she speaks fluent Arabic. The trip was not great, but it did give them some answers and help them to move forward!

Hospital where my 6th child was born, now renovated–there baby stands 18 years later!
Mude (the runner) out at the desert


Sumaya at the corniche
My son at the beach



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137 thoughts on “Back to Saudi 2013

    1. It really was suzanne! It was hardest for my sweet son! he wanted to return as soon as he got there. He was young when we left so I think memories all flooded back I dont know. His father kept bringing up his “sister” and insisted on throwing her in with them which was akward and weird for them since he never bothered to address his marriage and child to them!! anyway it was a life changing trip!

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    1. the older kids told me when we relocated, they would not return, things had gotten to such a bad place! so I stayed here not being able to be without my kids. The younger ones didn’t remember much so the return visit gave them clarity for sure!

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    1. I think that “your kids experienced life….and life” is profound. Because most of the time life – it just kind of sucks. The highlights make for gratitude, but it is hard to *love* so much of the crap… 🙂


  1. As “HE” reaps what he sows…It gave the children a clearer picture. As they themselves become parents only then will the thrust and impact of what they do recall come to surface. My hat as always is off to you Lynn, for your endurance, care, love, devotion to your 9 babies! Cheryl xoxoxoxox


  2. Great photos! I bet the trip was very emotional for them. Great photo of your daughter standing in front of the hospital where she was born..what a treasure!


    1. Yes I was so excited to see her go there and pose! It was highly emotional! The year before Foof had gone with Abdullah, his second wife and child were there and that was awful!!!! The next time it was just he and his mother so it was better but he was acting like his old self so it was a mess! My son wanted to come home the day he got there- a long two weeks for us all! But I think some clarity for all!

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  3. Beautiful children you have. And brave. Walking through the fire is hard for anyone but particularly for children who had no say in what happened. The ‘sister’ ‘remarriage’ issue struck a deep chord with me. It should be no surprise that their father is quite so crass and insensitive I suppose but it must have been terribly hard for the children to just be expected to accept his status quo. Of course I LOVE that teeny tiny Nutella – haven’t ever seen one so small, not even in France 🙂


      1. YOu will. I don’t write of my experience and what happened to my children. All I can promise is they will find their way and they are the stronger for it. Really mummy, they will and they are 🙂

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          1. It’s for the telling some day but not for now – Mine is long ago and far away and the thing is my children have THRIVED and so are yours … I just feel I should acknowledge my solidarity when appropriate 🙂

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  4. Such great pictures, and so nice that they were able to take the trip together! I love the picture of your daughter standing outside the hospital where she was born. 🙂 xo

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    1. NO he didn’t! He said I could not go, I spent most days in my bedroom, laying there doing nothing trying to keep things calm, he warned me that I would never take his kids any where. I tried to be calm, cool and go along. My son was graduating in Chem. Engineering so I begged to go. I didn’t know I wasn’t going back. My two older kids told me they would not go back withe me! It was a bad situation and so I stayed . They knew I would not leave them in the states and go back! It was very scary. We painted our apartment window with spray paint so if he came he could not look in. So no he did not know and neither did I. I did a paper route at 1 am a cleaning job and was a cook. I had 7 kids to take care of, no income. So it was rough.

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      1. What an ordeal! The decision your boys made was a very brave one. I almost wonder if they already knew before leaving that they were not going to go back…maybe they already had their minds made up. Good thing they did…it gave you the courage to leave that relationship, even though you had to start over from scratch. I bet you lived on pins and needles for quite some time after that.

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  5. Wonderful photos, and your children look so happy. I should think the trip was filled with memories and would have meant so much to them. It’s good to know they’re happily settled in the United States.

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  6. Beautiful family. I’m glad the ones who wanted to, got to return for some closure, or information…. Do they have a chance to embrace that part of their culture, considering all that they have been through? It seems as if you embraced a good deal of it (food, etc) and can keep that part alive for them.

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  7. I am glad you have these photos. This whole Arabic experience seems surreal to me – and I am so grateful you can be back in the states. We definitely have problems here, but I hope your kids are all happy to be able to be here. Sending you blessings always ❤


  8. Some questions I’ve had for a while have been answered. This post has added to my constant feeling throughout that you are an incredibly strong, patient and wise woman. You are the island on which your children can seek sanctuary and yet you allow them to explore the shifting sometimes turbulent seas around them. I loved these photos but your attempt at self video taping has me in awe! I think you need an audio-visual crew to follow you around. A Lynn S reality show. You’re much more interesting then those dull New Jersey Housewives! Love, Clare

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