142 thoughts on “Here and there in Saudi-kids visit in 2013

          1. ok 3 live outside of the home. 6 at home. oldest lives 2 hours away, next son lives 5 hours away and my oldest daughter moved just 8 miles up the road. My Foof just got a great job and loves being with the kids and old mom so I told her stay stay! We are all bonded through our life experiences and being alone with no help from him in a foreign country. We all helped out in order to get by! So huge bond there

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          2. youngest is 12, if he was older I would just file for divorce. But he had told me when I moved here,he wanted to take my baby , he threatened to take him away!! So still worry and feel I need to wait to make it legal!

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    1. hahaha It was really good! I mean my son had not been there since he was maybe 10. He wanted to come back right away, it was a long visit!!! But it helped the younger ones to see what it was like! He was not cooperative and kept pushing his new child on them and insisting they stay at home, not go out etc. So it was a long long visit!! But I think a good one.

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        1. over winter break so maybe 2 weeks! But it was very tiring and long!!! It is hard, he never told them he married or had a child. So, it was never spoken of, then he kept saying look there is your sister, oh your sister, should I bring your sister to see you! etc. I had to work with the kids when he married and then had a child, he just ignored it all! So,that was hard!!!

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          1. Yes, my kids are wonderful amazing people, caring, loving but they have no interest. How would they?? It was a horrible time for all of us, I was so upset and sad. How would that be a good beginning?? It is a hurt for all the kids but they wont say it. He never once said hey here is what happened they are just supposed to move on and be happy and accept his wife and child!! He also kept me hanging which was awful. he said I am getting married, I stressed for 4 months thinking it could be stopped, then found out, she was there the whole time, and then had to quiz him about a baby and he finally admitted oh she is 4 months pregnant. Anyway it was so stressful!

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  1. Recognise the enormous jars of Nutella from France … everytime my youngest visits me there she insists on taking one back which means we have to pay to check a bag just for Nutella … I must love her πŸ˜‰


      1. That’s true, but sometimes people are just into control and logic doesn’t matter. It reminds me of the line, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive!” It starts with self-deception and unrealistic expectations. Plus, he strikes me as very charming.

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          1. Yes my own sister told me I was not nice enough to him! He offers gifts, support, money etc. One time a couple of years ago he offered to go and pick up 2 female relatives and their kids who were stranded on the border, it was a 12 hour drive!!! This was for a rich friend! He just mentioned to him that his relatives a cousin or something were there and needed a way home- they could take the bus!!! So, he insisted on going there driving and waiting and driving them all back and then to the airport and waiting for them there!!!!!!This was on his day off! Complete strangers. So he looks like a prince!! But he would not raise a finger to help me or the kids!

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          1. yes I would not have allowed the little ones to go but with the older ones it was something I decided might help them. My son was there for hmm 10 minutes and wanted to come back! So it was a long long visit! But it did clear things up for him.

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  2. Lynz,

    Thank you for sharing. It reminded me of my time in Abu Dhabi. Tomorrow, I am going to share some photos of the housing area and some stores. I meant to ask you Lynz if you had thought about trying to teach English online. I know that you are not a certified teacher, but often opportunities come up to teach online and they pay about $10-$15 an hour. You can find them also on facebook sites. I will keep my eyes open for you! Also, if you speak Arabic, that is a marvelous talent which may come in handy for a job.
    I speak French and was able when living in rural areas to get the scoop on others for some interesting jobs…in Alabama….back in my 30s!

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    1. I guess I am in a mode of limbo. when I first moved he told a mediator he wanted our youngest child, hints he has dropped. He is now 12. He also threatened my life. So, I am kind of waiting for my youngest to get a little older. I am scared to face up to him and divorce, not sure what he will do, fight for the kids etc.!

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