101 thoughts on “More pictures of Saudi

  1. love the photo of your son on top of the dune. What strikes me interesting about the others – office building, mall, street, is that there are no people in them… Did you sneak out while everyone was napping? 🙂 Have a great day Lynn!

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    1. Well funny thing is, people there do not go out much until night time because it is so very hot! I am a morning person and so I was out early all the time. At night it is so busy!! This was a visit my Fattima made with her sister and brother who wanted to go back after almost 5 years! So, that is my Mude the runner up there on top of the sand!

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  2. I love the pictures of the office buildings you show from that area. Lots of interesting architecture there. That sand dune made me think of my trip to Nags Head…but I know North Carolina is not Saudi…especially when you talk about those temperatures in the daytime!

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    1. Thanks it is a huge contrast, the streets are full of stray cats, sick and diseased, starving, workers living in little areas that have nothing, sheet metal, then literally down the street opulence and crazy malls, houses! It is two extremes!


        1. yes, there are a couple organizations that help. I heard that many people come to the country, get a cat and then leave! People are always coming and going sometimes after a few months. So they dump their cats!


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