107 thoughts on “Fun stuff around Saudi

      1. I think it is a water tower. I just asked my niece as she lives there and she thinks they might have built a restaurant etc. too. Nothing is plain in Saudi haha everything is huge and bling is attached!

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    1. I did one day then yesterday was a last minute afternoon job so i was caught off guard as in come in 30 minutes so i rejected that. I have to get some meals made and menu planned then will go for it more next week. Thanks for asking xx

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      1. They went back two times only the older kids. Foof and Abude went back in 2012 a huge trip ugh other people living there if you get my hint, it was stressful. Then the younger kids wanted to go, so Foof took them, they were older like 17 and 16. So it opened their eyes and gave them closure, they said no way no more going back! they didn’t remember it and the life there with him so I agreed for them to go!

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      2. I let them freely go and have always said, he is your dad so you are free to see him talk etc. I want them to be happy and feel secure. so, they came back and were not happy and said no way! At least they found it on their own.It was rough and when they were there they wanted to leave! So many rules and orders!

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      3. Oh we had a wonderful time catching up. They were here for our New Years Eve. get together but it was so hard to talk then. I made a Tarragon Chicken Salad on warm croissants and I am posting that recipe on Tuesday January 12th for my friend Sylvia! xoxoxo

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      1. Okay, I was a little confused because I saw the tall structure across the water and thought that was what you were referring to. Thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙂

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      1. Oh good! I feel so much better. You were so quiet after I commented on your children’s school post that I was afraid I had said something wrong. It is difficult to fully communicate on the internet because we don’t get the body language and word fluctuations that helps get the meaning across.

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      1. So this weekend getting some meals together to freeze and also getting a meal plan so I am ready! It is very last minute so I need to be prepared to have the house run smoothly while I am off working! Thanks Freda!!

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  1. It’s amazing reading how people comment about Saudi Arabia. It’s like behind the scenes exposure to something we don’t usually get to be fully exposed to.
    I’m Saudi by the way and I love love love your blog and how strong as a woman you are!

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