252 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Lynz real cooking!

  1. How blessed to have all your children with you for the holiday ! You are beautiful family…I can only imagine the flutter of conversation at your dinner table. Congrats, Lynn. The joy is evident in that picture.

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  2. Hi Lynz, excuse my ignorance, but can you explain what ‘Thanksgiving’ is all about, I few people have wished me happy Thanksgiving, and I know that it is a custom in the US where you eat turkey and pumpkin pie, but have absolutely no idea why xx


    1. Well I will try but might be wrong! haha it is basically when the people who came here and settled had help from the native Americans their first year and sat down for a feast to celebrate. So, people commemorated this by having Thanksgiving! So basically just a tradition. now I might be wrong ok on the details! But that is just my take on it! For me we should give thanks every day!

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      1. How right you are, and I do…..
        An American colleague said that the first meal was turkey, sweet potato and cranberries. I am not a fan of turkey, but might join in next year, as I love sweet potatoes and cranberries …CHope you had a great one – whatever the reason xxx

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  3. Lynn – I’ve sat for the longest time putting your children’s names to their faces and imagining them playing with your mother’s gift box and having pillow fights and holding your hand as you went about your daily chores. So many stories over the years spent in Saudi. And one connecting strand -a loving, caring mom! This photo makes me smile to think how far you’ve all traveled to get to where you are together today. Love, Clare

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